Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gina's Baby Shower

My oldest sister recently had her first baby, a darling baby girl. But before the bundle of joy came to be, I made sure my sister had a great baby shower. My sister loves Amy Atlas and so I used her as an inspiration for the party. Here are some pictures of the event.

My sister chose the theme of Ladybugs. I struggled for a couple of weeks, until I found the perfect picture of a ladybug and used that as inspiration for the invitation and all the paper which you will see. The colors obviously were pink, green, and yellow, with some white as accents. I made a pennant banner from different scrapbooks pages and hung them with simple ribbon.

I ordered some 24" White balloons online and had them filled at a Zurchers. It was hilarious to transfer these balloons because they need their own seat each! I rented linens from Specialty Linens in Pink, Yellow, Green, and White (only for banquet tables).

For the food table, I wanted to make sure each side was symmetrical to the other. I had the food and desserts mixed throughout the table with their own personal name card.

I couldn't find the perfect stand for the cupcakes, so I made one by wrapping large, medium and small cardboard cake bottoms in matching gift wrap. I then cut down four plastic columns and hot-glued them on the corners of the cardboard. Not going to lie, this creation wiggled a ton! But it was stuedy enough to hold the cupcakes.

One of my favorite desserts was the Chocolate Covered Marshmallows. They were delicious and super easy to make (or at least I thought they were). I had lots of clear glass displays, bottles, and vases to use for the table.

My family is Peruvian so this dessert is one of the specialties. Unfortunately, I didn't proofread before I printed, this should have been "Alfajores".

I also made custom water bottle wrappers that highlighted the Baby's name and Baby Shower date.

I like to make these as easy and efficient as possible. This baby shower was no different. I had a box on each table that contained all the materials for the games that would be played. Also, the centerpiece for each table was a empty wine bottle and thin branches spray painted white. I hot-glued mini clothes pins on some of the branches. I had each person write down an advice for mommy and hang it on the "tree". All trees had about 8-10 advice cards hanging which I collected and placed into a small album for Mommy.

I gave myself a challenge to not use anything that is normally used in a baby shower such as pacifiers, onesies, diapers, rattles, etc. Some of my sisters thought I was crazy for not wanting to use those baby items, but I made sure that it would look great without it. Overall, I won that argument. It was a great time, and people really enjoyed the food and decor!! And mommy loved all her gifts for baby!

xo: Ello

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